Railway Signaling Systems

Railway Signaling Systems Railway Signaling Systems
Railway Signaling Systems

We provide integral railway signaling solutions, covering both wayside area and onboard applications.Key products include:

Point Machine

Point machine is a device installed in the ground in the area of the switch usually between the rails. Its purpose is to mechanically move the tongues of the switch into the desired  position. Its modular design makes it suitable for any type of signal box or control center, which in turn permits flexibility in  installation and replacement of individual parts. The high quality of all components, thelongmaintenance intervals and minimum life cycle costs are the main advantages of this system.

Track Circuits

Track circuits are a vital part of the most signaling systems and maintaining their performance is fundamental to the safety and efficiency of the rail network. Track circuits are used for the precision clear and occupied indication of track sections. We offer developed solutions to  reliably identify deterioration in most common types of track circuit equipment, including DC, AC and audio frequency, for early detection of problems.

ATP / ATO Systems

The main function of the ATP system is to prevent a train from colliding and derailing by monitoring the train speed and maintaining a safe operation interval. The main function of the ATO system is to control the train automatically together with run in demanded time, energy saving and its parking at platforms accurately

Interlocking Systems

The basic role of interlocking is to authorize trains to continue to cross points and therefore to ensure a safe journey avoiding the risk of conflict between train paths. System reaction times are reduced to a minimum (less than one second) to ensure maximum network availability and safety.We provide safe routes (pathways), by managing the condition of signals, point machines, level crossings and all other field elements. Train control systems are connected to the interlocking components in order to receive the status information of the field elements. For small to large and complex stations, we provide a range of electronic interlocking systems with the highest levels of safety.

Centralized Traffic Control (CTC)

CTC allows traffic control and supervision to be combined in a common operation center. Traffic,routing and timetables are all managed from one single location.CTC uses transparent and distributed operational data for improved internal communication and a higher degree of automation. It also enables the user to observe a clear overview of both the technical and the operational situation by means of user-friendly graphical interfaces. 

Axle Counters

Axle counters comprise customer-specific wheel detection systems and components for counting pulse detection and safe and reliable generation of the clear/occupied message. Our axle counting systems allow optimal integration into any type of interlocking systems.

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