Ground Support Equipment

Ground Support Equipment Ground Support Equipment
Ground Support Equipment


Aircraft refuelers can be either a self-contained fuel truck or a hydrant truck or cart. Fuel trucks are self-contained, typically containing up to 10,000 US gallons of fuel and have their own pumps, filters, hoses, and other equipment. A hydrant cart or truck hooks into a central pipeline network and provides fuel to the aircraft

Pushback tugs and tractors

Back tugs are mostly used to push an aircraft away from the gate when it is ready to leave. These tugs are very powerful and because of the large

engines, are sometimes referred to as an engine with wheels. Pushback tugs can also be used to pull aircraft in various situations, such as to a hangar. 

Passenger boarding steps/ramps

Passenger boarding stairs sometimes referred to as air-stairs, boarding ramps, stair car or aircraft steps provide a mobile means to traverse between the aircraft doors and the ground. Because larger aircraft have door sills 5 to 20 feet high, stairs facilitate safe boarding and deplaning. Smaller units are generally moved by being towed or pushed, while larger units are self-powered. 

Airport Sweeper

A critical requirement for all airports is airside surface cleansing and sweeping which is why High speed runway sweeper for cleaning of runway aprons or any large flat surface have been designed with a range of specialist sweeping

applications including stand scrubbing, liquid pick-up, rubber removal and high speed runway sweeping.


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