Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting

Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting
Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting

Airport fire fighting vehicles

The  optimized,  economical  solution for  emergency runway  response,  Featuring exceptional maneuverability and toughness it meets the demands of on-road and off-road challenges, and delivers all of the advantages of cutting-edge firefighting and foam proportioning systems.The result is an ecumenical, ICAO airport firefighting solution, with the dependability and durability to respond to any runway emergency.

Airport crash tender

Airport crash tenders are extremely powerful machines. They offer relatively good acceleration (for such large, heavy vehicles), are able to negotiate rough terrain outside the airport area, carry large capacities of water, and firefighting foam, are fitted with powerful high-capacity pumps, and water/foam cannons and capable of delivering firefighting media over long distances. They can be mounted on 4x4, 6x6 or even 8x8 wheeled chassis.

Rapid Intervention Vehicle

The Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV) is a compact airport firefighting vehicle, particularly suitable for rapid and safe operation in small airports and heliports. Necessary for road or airport fast intervention, they can feature extrication tools, firefighting systems water/ foam based, DCP or CO2 as well as medical equipment. Standard construction Aluminum modular technology, they are also available in full PP bodies. 

Snow Removal

When it comes to airport snow removal and ice control, there is nothing more important than the performance and dependability of your equipment. It is a race against time and against the elements. Depend on our Snow removal equipment to help you keep air traffic flowing safely and efficiently.


Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Projects