Cementing Tools

Cementing Tools Cementing Tools
Cementing Tools


1- The liner hanger can be set either hydraulically or mechanically, providing higher setting success ratio.

2- The slips are recessed within the hanger body, eliminating the possibility of getting damaged when running in.

3- Designed with internal circulation channel to provide larger flow area.

4- Setting mechanism is deployed on the setting tool and can be reused on other liner hangers.

5- The setting tool can be easily released, just by clacking off certain weight and using right hand rotation.

6- Retrivable pack-off bushing can be retrieved with setting tool, eliminating drill out.   


Liner Hanger Setting Tool


1- Used fro running liner hanger and liner to the designed depth and setting the liner hanger. The setting tool is POOH after cementation.

2- Used with Model DYX, SYX, SSX, SGJ and GDG liner hangers.

3- Tapered bearing plate allows higher slack-off weight.

4- Heavy duty thrust bearing eliminates the need to find the neutral point while releasing the setting tool. The setting tool can be easily released by slacking off certain weight and using right hand rotation.

5- Retrievable pack-off bushing can be retrieved with setting tool, eliminating drill-out.

Sealing Assembley


1-The pack off bushing can be brought out of well, saving much drillout time.

2-“W” sealing rings are used to obtain two-side sealing. The sealing effect is better

 and it’s sealing capacity is more than 25MPa.

3-With centralized block on body, it makes the liner hanger center easily.

4-Can be used with DPX-A, DPX-B, DPX-H and DPX-M liner hangers.

Pumpdown Plug


The PS-B Pumpdown plug has a series of four rubber wipers of different sizes. various sizes allow the plug to wipe the inside of tool joints and liner setting string. It performs well in highly deviated and horizontal setting string. The plug is designed to seat securely into the wiper plug.

The two plugs then move as a whole down the liner to the landing collar.


Hydraulic-Opening Stage Cementer


1-Opening pressure can be adjusted and it is not affected by the hole angle

or mud properties for operation.

2-The pressure-relief design prevents fluid trapping and compression during

the closing phase of the tool’s operation.

3-The I.D. of upper/lower sub is the same as that of casing, but smaller than

that of closing sleeve, which can minimize chances of damages to the

closing sleeve.

4-The inner seats are made of an easily drillable rubber/aluminum material.

Both the opening and closing seats lock against rotation for easy drillout.

Casing Centralizer

Super-strength spring steel is applied to centralize casting in wellbore and improve cementing quality.

Rigid and Roller Centralizer

Consists of rigid body, on which machined Straight Blades and spiral blades. There are modified alloy steel, fully heat treated rollers fixed on every Straight or spiral blades. Because of rigid body and rolling friction between the rollers and inside of well or casing, the capability of the roller Centralizer is better than others of all. Roller centralizers are mainly used for big high Roller, high deviated wells and horizontal wells, to centre casings.

Milling shoe

It’s used to clean the inner surface of the polished bore receptacle so that the tie- back assembly can easily insert and effective seal can be achieved.


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